Dear Friends-
Ever wonder what makes something notable? Is it the “buzz” around a particular artist? Is it a particular genre of music hitting a cultural and relevant note? Does the artist give their all to their performance? Does it create a sense of nostalgia and feed the soul? Synonyms for notable are: memorable, great, remarkable, noticeable, outstanding, unusual, uncommon, eminent….

At Southwest Symphony, these are ideals we strive for at each turn - when we research and select the artists for our season’s roster that are outstanding and worth investing in, while orchestrating the notable in classical music with our SWSO performances! We believe that supporting artists and continuing to perform the best of what classical music represents is respecting what is great about the all-inclusive power of the performing arts! We think you will enjoy this eclectic season of notables and we look forward to sharing in each event with you.

The goal at Southwest Symphony is to encourage the appreciation of art and culture in our daily lives and share the exciting world of live performance with you. The Youth Series Outreach Program is continuing to expand learning and is helping thousands of students in Lea County schools each year discover artistic excellence through our music education partnerships in each district.

Your support of the Symphony each season is the priceless encouragement which all performers draw strength from in order to create the notable experiences that only music inspires! It is our hope that through our endeavors , we are inspiring new art and music to flourish, while preserving its grand legacy for generations to come.

Join us as we orchestrate the notable!

Dr. Mark R. Jelinek, Artistic Director

Genevieve S. Cavanaugh, Executive Director