Dear Friends,

The famous composer Edward Elgar said, "My idea is that there is music in the air, music all around us; the world is full of music, and you simply take as much as you require."

We believe Music is Life . . . LIVE! Throughout our lives, music has had a way of speaking to us. The strong, steady beats, the entrancing melodies, and the lyrics that vary between heart-warming and heart-wrenching . . . these have an unexplainable effect on our lives. Music seems to have the ability to change certain aspects of our world and it allows us to express our thoughts, feelings, and emotions.

When we’re happy, any sort of upbeat, dance-to-me kind of music enhances our joy that much more. Driving down the road, singing along to our favorite country song, gets our toes a-tappin’. We love to study to classical music, daydream to classical music, even sleep to classical music. When we’re ‘stressed out’, a little soulful jazz and blues works its magic and helps us to become relaxed and mellow. No matter what type of music, our moods morph easily into whatever genre we’re listening to.

Each person has a distinctly unique taste in music, people simply love music – it is an enormous part of our lives. From childhood sing-a-longs, to garage grunge music, and everything in between . . . music is everywhere.

Join us this season . . . LIVE a little!

Southwest Symphony Board of Directors